My mission is to empower you with unique knowledge, experiences, and competencies based on my own expression of the Alexander Technique*, so you can function as the integrated individual you are and prevent, reduce or eliminate uncalled for aches and pains.

Exercising is a necessity for health and wellbeing in our sedentary lifestyle, but misinformation and common misconceptions have permeated modern fitness, including yoga, since the 19th century. They have created mind and body challenges for many exercise enthusiasts of all ages whether on or off the mat. The world of fitness is in a transition phase from a focus on body parts to a focus on whole-body functioning for fitness without stress or “sustainable fitness”.

Modern fitness without stress is the result of an integrated set of mind/body practices that will help you:

  • Create healing of body & mind by addressing harmful beliefs about fitness, posture, and nutrition
  • Prevent, reduce, or eliminate discomfort or pain in your muscles and joints
  • Improve your posture without any gadgets or needless exercises
  • Find your center even when under stress

As a result, you will look better, feel better, and in the privacy of your own mind, you will have a secret way to constantly reboot your inner functioning for best performance with optimal safety.

My service offerings support you in your journey towards optimal mind and body health and well-being, I offer various services such as:

  • Working with me privately whether locally or online
  • Participating in one of my group classes, local or online
  • Joining the Wise Way to Be in Your Body online solo course coming up in September of 2020
  • You can also read The Wise Way to Yoga book or listen to The Wise Way to Yoga Podcast series that brings the essence of the book to life, making its content fun and easy to discover.

What are Integrated Practices?

Integrated practices are ways of moving, being, and eating based on the harmonious functioning of unified body parts, of mind and body, and fueled by whole-food nutrition. They allow us to be less reactive so we can respond to life in a way that promotes inner peace and joy, as well as better relationships within our environment. Integrated practices allow sustainable health and fitness.

These Practices offer valuable insights and experiences for you to be successful and promote your wellbeing whether you want to reclaim ease of movement or to improve your posture, whether you want to practice or teach yoga with more depth and efficiency, whether you want to improve your sport or musical instrument skills, your singing voice, or whether you want to enhance your health through whole-food nutrition.

The foundation for this way of working and being is the Alexander Technique* which is the best-kept secret of Olympic athletes and famous performers who swear by it. It helps athletes reach their highest potential with optimal safety. It helps performers reach their best performance as they can embody a new character in its fullness. In essence, they shine their light in their field of expertise as they learn to get out of their own way.

You can learn this as well and be the best you can be!