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Free Phone Consult for anyone interested in working with Cecile (15 minutes):  Click here to request your consultation.

From Pain to Ease Holiday Consult by invitation (30-60 minutes): Click here to apply for your Consult!

Private sessions & packages
for locals, call 617 359 7841
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The Wise Way to Be in Your Body
Integrated Movement & Natural Posture
  • Zooming Without Fatigue or Strain Thursday December 17, 2020 @ noon EST Click here to register
  • Zooming Without Fatigue or Strain Saturday December 19, 2020 @ noon EST Click here to register
  • Zooming without Fatigue or Strain: an Online 5-week Class Series starting January 7, 2020 @ Noon EST
The Wise Way to Yoga
Integrated Movement & Yoga

Wise Way to Yoga Online Solo Course ( February 2021)

Yoga Poses Revisited for Integrated Body Functioning October 19, 2020 via Alexander Technique International (ATI)

Free Podcast Series The Wise Way To Yoga: Click here to access the podcast series [Also available on Spotify, and other podcasts platforms.]

The Wise Way to Eat for Optimal Health
Integrated Eating & Whole Food Nutrition
  • Free Wise Way to Eat with One Simple Change Webinar May 11, 2020, @ 7 pm EST
    Click here to request access
  • Wise Way to Be in Your Body Online Solo Course (Not currently open)
  • Yoga Teacher B.I.A. Process™ Certification (Not currently open)


“Cécile is very skilled at what she does & an amazing teacher. I have had so many insights due to her three-month program. Great for yogis, dancers and anyone who wants to feel better in their skin. This is so needed in the yoga world! Thanks, Cecile for your beautiful work!” Relinde Moors – Yoga Instructor, Dancer & Choreographer

Cécile is the real deal. Working with her has transformed my Yoga Practice, a practice I can honestly say feels empowering, grounding and tension-free. It is positively impacting my posture and movement in my daily life too.  Introducing me to her foundational skill, Cécile taught me that “no pain no gain” is really a myth and that the more I trust my body to activate the right muscles at the right time, the more powerful my practice gets.” Mona Kelly – Yoga teacher, Pilates Instructor

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